Empire of the White Ox
Imperial Seal of the Yarmanthar
Seal: The Horns
Flag of Yarmanthar
Flag: Oxen Banner
The Empire The Capital Territory
Official language Yarrauic
Capital Planet Ur
Secondary Capital HVSS Covenant
Prime Minister
 – Total
 – % water

 — ly²
 – Total (50,006 GY)
 – Inhabited Planets

 129 quadrillion
 229,089 planets
Pop. Makeup Yarraum: 89%
Mariners: 11%
National Anthem
Listen (mp3)
Currency Arc

The Aishaurs of the Empire of the White Ox, or Yarmanthar in Rauic, were a long line of warrior kings, and some even gained the repute of bloodlusters and warmongers. The Yarraum value above all things that is a warrior's death and duty to the Empire. Yarmanthar maintains the largest military, and the most well trained as well in the galaxy. Eugenics is common practice to the Yarraum, and had been done over 40,000 galactic years ago. This had attributed to their superior senses, bodies and better health. However, it's been done in the expense of their intelligence due to unknown anomaly caused by the long years of gene therapy. However, it is speculated that the Aishaurs manipulated the gene therapy so that they could enforce thought control.






Imperial Life


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