Endroit d'Doré
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Ville de Endroit d'Doré
Ville d'Ancien, Endroit d'Dore.jpg
Ville d'Ancién, the city's historic centre
Coat of arms
Nickname(s): City of Gold and Sin; Paris of the Atlantic
Motto: "Elle est jetée dans l'eau, mais ne s'enfonce pas."
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Location of Endroit d'Doré in Sagesse
Country Atlion
State Sagesse
Arrondissement Endroit d'Doré
Founded 1498
Founder Antonie du Blois
Named for Sunset on the white sand
 - Type Mayor-Council
 - Maire Angelica DuPrees (Fluer Party)
Population (2010)
 - Total 1,428,374
 - Est. (2012) 1,430,475
 - Demonym Dorétte
Time zone Atlionese standard (UTC-2)
 - Summer (DST) Atlionese DST (UTC-3)
Website www.endroitdoré

Endroit d'Doré (in some cases Endroit d'Dore or Endroit; meaning Place of Gold) is the state capital and largest city of the Atlionese state of Sagesse. The city is located in the Endroit d'Doré Arrondissement, and serves as the regional seat of government for the Arrondissement. Endroit d'Doré is located in the eastern central part of the state, along the Atlantic coastline. Sitting at the tip of the Sagessic Shield, the city is one of the oldest and most prominent in Sagesse, and arguably Atlion. Endroit has been nick named the Paris of Atlantic, with not only Parisian architecture, but also a high importance in the gaming, tourism, fashion, and media industries of the country.

The Palais d'Or River runs through the centre of the city, and feeds into Lake Sacré-Cœur and Lake Notré-Dame in Empire Troisemé Park. Because of its cool and dry climate, the surrounding area is mostly grasslands that depend on the river entirely for their source of hydration. Endroit d'Doré has had a significant role in the history of Atlion, as the oldest city in the nation and one of the largest ports for a long period of Pre-Independence history. The city still serves a high level of importance as the Entertainment Capital of Atlion, rivaling the wealth and media power of global cities such as Macau, Las Vegas, and Amsterdam.


Endriot d'Doré was founded in 1501 by Seigneur de la Salle, a French maritime explorer who desired his own personal colony. The French monarchy granted la Salle, a member of the Upper Third Estate, the right to establish the city in the name of France if he swore to attack the Spanish colonies attempt to supply Spain with resources. La Salle founded the city just north of the older city of Saint Sebastian in what was declared the colony of Sagesse. In its early days, Endroit d'Doré remained a major garrison of the French in Albion, and was primarily focused on supplying the military rather than expanding its civil responsibilities. In 1504, with the end of the War over Naples, the city became a major colonial port city for French settlers into Sagesse. The city's population of 1,400 jumped to 7,600 in nearly six months. As the city continued growing, settlers began to notice the problems of the surrounding area's soil. Much of it was rocky, and the only fertile soil in the region hugged the Palais d'Or river. In order to prevent starvation, Chevalier de la Salle, the son of Seigneur and second mayor of the city, promoted the movement of people upstream to fertile land. As a result people typically moved through the city when they arrived at the port, and the city's food problems came to an end. By 1665, some 34,000 people lived in the city, making it the largest city on the island.







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