Epattä Epattä
Birth Name: Epattä Epattä
Title: Head of the Northlandic Senate (2008-present)
Birth Date: November 26, 1972
Birth Place: Akkä, Northland
Residence(s): Biellerudorn, Northland
Nationality: Northland
Nickname: Epattä
Education Level: University of Vüokk
Predecessor: Ïlliožkk Lromrüüoüvn (2000-2008)

Epattä Epattä is the current Head of the Northlandic Senate.


Epattä Epattä grew up in the small tribal town of Akkä in the northeastern Northland. Her mother, Kkapä Kkapä, was the chief of Akkä from 1969 to her death in 1985 when Epattä took her place. Epattä governed Akkä until she went to study politics and chemistry at the University of Vüokk from 1990 to 1993. Her maternal aunt, Ljio Ljio, gained a temporary chief seat while Epattä was away. She returned to Akkä after her graduation and reassumed her place as chief.

She ran for and won a place in the National Senate in 1996. Upon taking her Senate seat, she appointed her brother, Ïlliokk Kkapä, as chief, making him one of the first male chiefs east of Vüokk in recorded history. In 2008, her collagues elected her Head of Senate.

Epattä Epattä is best known for her staunchly pro-masculism stance.

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