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The world of Eraminä (Rymeth for "Earth and Air") is a world of near-complete isolation. Without any external source of light or heat, as the Earth has the Sun and other stars, it is instead a world sustained by the residual energy of a great disaster known now only as the Great Remaking (Rymeth: Nanravat Sètar).

Geography and Basic Physical Facts[]

Eraminä is divided into two major continents, surrounded by a massive ocean; land takes up around 24% of the total world area. The larger one in the north is known as Rymethus (Rymeth for "Land of the Inheritors"; Rymeth itself refers to "Those who inherit"); it is nearly twice as large as the southern continent, known as Kangeya (Kangeyaname for "Homeland"). Both continents support huge ranges of ecosystems, ranging from swamps to desert, and vast expanses of underwater kelp forests and reefs as well.

For seas, the central sea that separates the two continents is a highly inhospitable one, frequented by great storms that lash both southern Rymethus and northern Kangeya, as well as being inhabited by many dangerous fishes and other creatures. Barrier as the conditions pose, trade between the two continents has been established for a very long time, mainly using the excellent ships of the Kangeyazin, and recently has been on an increasing trend, though the traumatic effects of the War of the Flame Unleashed has done much to damage trade.

The lack of a sun or other external means of illumination or heat makes Eraminä unique, and has great effects on life and culture across the world. While on Earth the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, in Eraminä a light instead spreads, without source, across the sky, reaching a fiery brightness at 'noon', and then fades out again, until the sky becomes mostly dark but for dancing 'belts' known as Flowing Lights (Rymeth: Raynane ëruädeni). The peoples of this world therefore orientate their world to the 'source' of the light, and set their cardinal directions thus: source-wards, end-wards, west and east (derived as being the left and right of source-wards, respectively).