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Erik I
By the grace of Lenin, King of Laris
Reign March 15 1913-1967
Coronation March 22 1913
Full name Erik Anders Johan Karl Eliasson Bergström of Scania-Arensinus
Titles Lover of Rabbits
Lord of the Ultramarines
Arch-Steward of Stockholm
Baptism January 9 1879
Stockholms Dopkyrka, Stockholm
Born December 10 1878
Karolinska, Stockholm
Successor Karl Gustav I of Scania-Arensinus
Consort(s) Queen Amanda the Wicked, Maria
Issue Prince Karl Gustav, Princess Lena, Prince Anders
Royal House House of Eliasson-Bergstrom
Dynasty Scania-Arensinus Dynasty
Royal anthem Bright Eyes
Royal motto "Woe and death to all who resist my will"
Father Anders E.
Mother Lena B.

Erik I of Scania-Arensinus was the first monarch and founder of the Kingdom of Laris, he grew up in Stockholm, Sweden where he learned many a fine thing, excelling in all subjects except french which he failed horrendously. He traveled to Laris, then Swedish and managed to perform a red revolution! Yet the people were not yet ready for a socialist state so he instituted a constitutional monarchy with parliamentarian democracy - just like in Sweden. He brought with him his girlfriend Amanda W. and married her, making her Queen of Laris. Since he was good friends with the Head of State of Sweden he managed to pull of a diplomatic solution and as such The Kingdom of Laris continued to exist without swedish military intervention.

Ten years later his old time friend, André H. traveled to Laris to congratulate his Highness but ended up having an affair with The Queen. When Erik found out he had them both executed, roman style (crucifixion) and celebrated it roman-style (orgies with sweet wine,sweet women and sweet honey).

Erik was also very fond of rabbits and had all the rabbits in the kingdom protected under royal decree. His son Karl Gustav petitioned the parliament for a removal of this decree and as such Erik in his last years despised his so-called son (there were suspicions he was the illegitimate son of André)

In his later years, Erik remarried a commoner, a woman by the name of Maria.