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Étaite á Duceux Grande d'Erinier
—  State and Grand Duchy  —

Nickname(s): Little France, Isle of Dawn
Motto: Et hoc per tempus manere
(Through time we shall remain)
The location of Erinier within the Kingdom of Helvore
A Map of Erinier, including its subdivisions and subdivision capitals.
Country Country
Grand Duchy Erinier
Incorporation into the Kingdom of Helvore 23 March 956
Incorporation as a State 14 September 1071
Kingdom of the Irisi 23 March 956
 - Total 4,312,846

The State and Grand Duchy of Erinier (Helvoran: Étaite á Duceux Grande d'Erinier, IPA: /'ɛɾɪŋɛ:/) is one of 23 states of the Kingdom of Helvore. Consisting of the entirety of the island of Erinier in the Aquitanian Sea, Erinier is the fourth smallest state of Helvore (being geographically larger than Alliers-Souche but smaller than Avants), having a population of 4,312,472 as of the 2016 census. Erinier boasts one of the most culturally vibrant urban scenes in Western Europe, with its capital Aiffeltoire home to numerous internationally famous musicians, museums, and galleries. Erinier is also Helvore's premier wine-making region, being the world's sole producer of Bourgoit and Guederlaise.

Aiffeltoire, as the state's capital, is the largest and most prosperous city in Erinier, and also the 12th largest city in Helvore (after De Vois, but ahead of Du Lyon). Internationally, Aiffeltoire is renown for its cultural scene, particularly in classical art and music. After Aiffeltoire, the next largest city is St. Xaviere on the west coast, followed by Artaise-le-Noire in the north.

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