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The port town of Ersanctil has a population of 900. Its port is the most extensive of any in Sigil. After all, it is responsible for ship routes going west across the Mara Circa to population centers on Originum, and northwest across Straia Palarin to Detariya - distances that require nearly two months of sailing. In order to support such a long-range travel route, large ships had to be constructed and parked in the port's large slips. In addition, the port also connects settlements along the Syrragil River to those to the north and down south to the ports of Eudrine and Rathryn.

Ersanctil is mostly a settlement under construction, with one side of the river being mostly developed with new buildings and the other side filled with burnt down, abandoned, decrepit buildings. Recently the town was devastated by a single powerful rampaging mage, who pretty much leveled the town and killed a considerable number of helpless people in the process, numbering in the hundreds. Since then, the surviving population has regrouped and rebuilt half of the original town, but the other side remains a charred landscape, a haunting reminder of those who had died because magic had gotten out of control. The event still has ramifications today, with many people constantly aware that such an occurrence could repeat itself and therefore train to be able to protect themselves. The mage did this because he had hints that there was something especially magically valuable in the town, but did not know exactly where until after he had tortured and killed many of the unfortunate; eventually, however, he is rumored to have obtained what he had been looking for.

Given the fact that people rarely visit the abandoned side of the town (Ersanctil Norta), it has become a favorite location for tramps and thieves. Recently, the town guard has moved in to flush out all the depraved living in Ersanctil Norta, but they have run into plenty of booby traps and have had trouble finding their targets.

Ersanctil also has a pirate problem - the pirates generally don't go after convoys, but they are a clear and present threat to lone vessels, especially the smaller ones that go to Irisfal and to the other lands to the north.