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Faga de Espaz
Area 250.8 km²

Espaz is a city in Helsink, and the capital of the Virva Province. It is the center of Helsinkian economy.

Espaz is surrounded by Parae Nelidla, Gardoste, Ulrika, Rovopere, Kamfije, Klote and Kreleste municipalities.


Espaz is the starting point for many highways and railways. Espaz was planned to be the first station on Virva-Diagebai maglev line, but Digerre Gate in northern Klote was chosen instead.

There are also lots of regional trains, e.g. those of the circumpeninsular railway. The Klote Metro lines 1, 2a, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7a and 9 have stations inside the borders of Espaz.

Espaz Harbour, located in both Espaz and Parae Nelidla, is the third most used harbour on Tavastian continent by both number of passengers and weight of cargo.

The primary airport for passenger traffic to and from Espaz is the Argelendre Airport.