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Flag of the city of Morith.

Morith is a city located in the Vehra Wasteland and is the oldest city in Estreoth. Following the fall of the Ancient Kingdom, Morith was one of the first permenant settlements founded and the only one to endure for any amount of time. The city, and the kingdom that would follow it, would be instrumental in rebuilding civilization following the Great Cataclysm.

Today, Morith is a shadow of the former its former glory. With an estimate population of around 15,000, most of the cities buildings are either abandoned or collapsed. The city itself is typically divided into two main sections, the Inner city and the Outer City.

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Estreoth exists in a dimension separate from ours. As part of a near infinite multiverse, Estreoth serves as a unique hub between several dimensions similar to, and including, our own. As an alternate version of our own planet, Estreoth has many marked similarities. The biggest difference however is that Estreoth and its people have a powerful connection to magic and spiritual energy. Additionally, Estreoth's history has been significantly influenced by the arrival of "drifters" from other dimensions; in some cases entire civilizations have been brought to Estreoth.

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