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Antelus Ridge
Part of Vehra Wasteland
Region Information
Land Area: 41,796 mi² (108,251 km²)
Highest Point: Mount Nelitha,
16,052 feet (4,893 meters)
Average Temperature: 14 °F
Low Temperature: -7 °F
High Temperature: 56 °F
Annual Rainfall: 14 in/year (36 cm/year)
Cities and Towns
Population: 20,174
Pop. Density: 2,1/sq mi (5.4/km²)
Largest City: Arlune
Towns: Kulma

Antelus Ridge is a border mountain range between the Vehra Wasteland and the Stohrym Tundra.


The Antelus Ridge region marks the border between the Storhym Tundra and the Vehra Wasteland. It's an exceptionally mineral rich region that has long been used as a mining region. It's a relatively safe region in towns, but occasional bandits from the Vehra try attacking the various mining camps throughout the region. Wyvern's occasionally are seen in the region, but these are relatively rare.



During the fall and winter, the Antelus Ridge is covered in snow. It melts in the spring, sending waters down into the Vehra and the Jenam Valley. Snow storms are extremely common during the winter months, so traveling is discouraged during these months.


For generations Antelus was part of Kingdom of Morith and was the focal point of much of their mining operations. After the Reunification Wars, parts of the Antelus Ridge fell under control of the newly liberated Hetrean Empire. Several hundred years later, the region became a point of contention between Hetrea and Morith once again. After Morith was soundly defeated, the entire Antelus area fell under Hetrean control. With the fall of Morith, the Antelus region has become rather quiet except for the rather dangerous wildlife.



  • Highland Bears
  • Wyvern

Region Places[]


  • Arlune - A large mining town that acts as a the headquarters for all the mining operations in the region. It also acts as a major trade route between the Vehra and Hetrea.
  • Kulma


  • Hundreds of small mines.

Military Settlements[]

  • Fort Julth - Originally the largest fort the Hetrean Empire controlled, now a only patrols for bandits.

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