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Barus Plains
Part of Barafet Desert
Region Information
Land Area: 73,500 mi² (190,364 km²)
Lowest Point: -121 feet (-36 meters)
Average Temperature: 115 °F
Low Temperature: 92 °F
High Temperature: 136 °F
Annual Rainfall: >1 in (0 cm)
Cities and Towns
Population: ~300-1000
Largest City: Sand Raider Camp

The Barus Plains, located north of Tarcova, is a dry, flat basin notable for it's harsh conditions for travelers. Rainfall is unheard of in the region, and as such flora is non-existent. Despite the rough conditions, a small band of outlaws is known to inhabit the region, using the harsh terrain to keep authorities away.


The Barus is a well known travel hazard for merchants and travelers. The intense heat, nightly windstorms, and utter lack of water make traversing the land a hard task. Despite the rough travel, a popular merchant route still traversed the region. However, due to the growing Sand Raider influence in the region, most travelers divert their travel path around the region.


The Barus is remarkably flat and featureless. While there are some hills along the outer rim of the region in the south, the center of the Barus is nearly completely flat. It is theorized that underneath the Barus there is a large underground lake, judging by how many Sand Raiders manage to survive there.


Since the founding of Anktolia, not one occurrence of rain falling in the Barus has ever be recorded and clouds rarely, if ever, pass above the region. As such, it is one of the hottest areas in the northern Barafet. Wind storms are common, more often at night and the late hours. During the day hours the wind typically dies, keeping the heat trapped on the ground and letting the temperature rise to over 110 degrees.



Region Places[]


  • Sand Raider Camp - Headquarters of the Sand Raider group.

Points of Interest[]

  • Death Bringer Mobile Base Wreck - Remains of a Death Bringer's Mobile Base shot down over the Barus by Jet Seyre.

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