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Current Nations[]

Current Countries
Adal - Kingdom of Adal
Arcasia – Kingdom of Arcasia
Anktolia - Kingdom of Anktolia
  • Sultanate of Anktolia
Arius - Kingdom of Arius
Hetrea – Hetrean Empire
  • Empire of Hetrea
Higarde - Principality of Higarde
Rune - Rune Republic
  • City State of Rune
  • Republic of Rune
Vehrean City-States - City States of the Vehra

Fallen Nations[]

Former Countries
Ancient Kingdom - Ancient Kingdom of Estreoth
Jishe - Kingdom of Jishe
Kal'Amas - Kingdom of Kal'Amas
Koonim - Koonim Empire
Morith - Kingdom of Morith