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Death Bringer's Legion
Legion Banner
Active 1632 - Rathius 5th, 1649
Allegiance Animus Ridnious
Type Military
Role Conquest
Size ~16,265,000,000
Headquarters The Citadel
Nickname The Legion, Animus's Legion
Patron Animus Ridnious
Motto "Death to the Legion's enemies."
Colors Black, White, Red, Gold
Engagements Countless
Grand Commander Animus Ridnious
Great Commanders Shoji Hiragawa, Koji Hiragawa, Rintheros, Marus, Aeyog
High Commanders Raven (Former)
The Legion Skull Legion emblem

The Death Bringers Legion is a massive, trans-dimensional military created by Animus Ridnious. The legion existed for almost two decades before the defeat of Animus and his lieutenants at the hands of Jet Seyre and the Gunryo.


The modern Legion has its roots in a bandit force that swore loyalty to Animus. Almost immediately Animus began institution wide spread changes, including the implementation of training and indoctrination. Shortly afterwards, the newly formed Legion, then operating under the name of Animus's Legion, began attacking local settlements and enslaving or recruiting the local populace. Over the next seven years, the legion slowly conquered the entire planet.