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Der J'ret, born Canios 12th, 1599, disappeared Paratheon 12th, 1646 was the former Lord of Z'Rolem Pirate Fleet from Rathius 3rd, 1628 until his disappearance after fighting Jet Seyre in the Southern Temple.


Duel with Jet Seyre[]

On Paratheon 12th in 1646, Der J'ret attacked the Southern Temple in an attempt to gain the Emeraldas. He assaulted with the a large of his pirate forces. Der J'ret fatally wounded Takashi Koshiro with a surprise attack, along with several of the temple's students. As he reached the Emeraldas' Chamber, Jet Seyre confronted him. Much to Der J'ret, Takashi, and his students surprise, Jet turned the tables on Der J'ret. In response, Der J'ret becomes serious (he would fight with heavy weights and a ring that suppressed his spiritual energy). Despite the opponent, Jet unleashed the full force of his new abilities, turning his hair and eyes silver for the first time, and evenly fighting with Der J'ret.

The battle was fierce, but Der J'ret had the edge on Jet with experience. After a long fight, J'ret apparently stood victorious over Jet, who was now forced to one knee in front of the mystic blade, the Emeraldas. However, at Takashi's urging, Jet grabbed the Emeraldas, and using it's power, attacked Der J'ret with a renewed vigor. Before Jet could kill Der J'ret, rift opened between the two opponents, pulling them both in.

When Jet returned in Anktolia some month later, he stated he had killed Der J'ret.

Der J'ret
Title Lord of the Z'Rolem Pirate Fleet
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4 (187.96cm/1.87m)
Weight: 220 lbs (99.79kg)
Alignment Neutral Evil
Affiliation Z'Rolem Pirate Fleet
Occupation: Pirate
Status: Dead, Killed by Jet Seyre
Born: Canios 12th, 1609
Died: Last Seen Paratheon 12th, 1646