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Dune Sea
Part of Barafet Desert
Region Information
Land Area: 1,320,435 mi² (2,125,034 km²)
Average Temperature: 103 °F
Low Temperature: 53 °F
High Temperature: 128 °F
Annual Rainfall: 1 in (2.5 cm)
Cities and Towns
Population: ~12000

The Dune Sea is a large, sand filled region in the central region of the Barafet Desert. The Dune Sea is the largest region of the Barafet, making up half the desert, in addition to one of the least inhabited. Because of the shifting sands, permanent settlements are nearly impossible outside of a few isolated areas. This, combined with aggressive natives, have made the Dune Sea one of the few regions mostly untouched by the reign of kingdoms.


The Dune Sea is a region rather untouched by civilization. Because of the vast ocean of sand, building a permanent structure is extremely difficult. In fact, outside of the Dyorian Mountains, the only permanent structure in the Dune Sea is the Dark Tower.


The Dune Sea is defined as the area south of the Great Oasis, but north of the Tarnus. The western edge of the region is bordered by the Barafet Sea while the Dyorian Mountains to the east. There are few permanent land marks in the region since the shifting dunes change daily. This makes traversing the land difficult, although not impossible.


The Dune Sea shares the climate of the northern regions. The temperature is high and the annual rainfall is very low. Like the northern region, sandstorms occur in the Dune Sea. They are far more common than in the northern regions.



  • Desert Nomads


  • Dune Lizard
  • Sand Dragons

Region Places[]

Points of Interest[]

  • Dark Tower
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