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Ginryu Sea
Region Information
Highest Point: Mira's Peek
Lowest Point: Elthus
Average Temperature: 87 °F
Low Temperature: 68 °F
High Temperature: 102 °F
Cities and Towns
Population: ~2,300,000
Largest City: Mira
Cities: Nagama
Towns: Estai

The Ginryu Sea is a large sea that is surrounded by the continent of Estreoth to all sides except it's eastern side, which it shares with Perithian Ocean.

The Ginryu Sea is home to many strange sea creatures and millions of humans. Most of the Ginryu is part of the Kingdom of Adal, although it the former Kingdom of Jishe, Kingdom of Morith, and most importantly the Kingdom of Kal'Amas over the past two millenia. Despite Adal's dominance in the region, the nation maintains good relationships with most of the other kingdoms and allows free passage of other vessels in their waters.

Many islands in the Ginryu have ruins from the Ancient Kingdom. Most ruins are small, in contrast to the ruins of Hetrea. Perhaps more strange is the discovery of ruins on the bottom of the Ginryu in some of the more shallow seas. which suggest that much of the Ginryu was formerly above ground. What caused the difference in sea level is unknown.







  • Z'Rolem Pirates


  • Voodoo Shark


Region Places[]


  • Mira - Capital of the region, and the largest city in the area, the city and the island share the same name.
  • Nagama - Former Capital of the Kingdom of Kal'Amas, now part of the Kingdom of Adal.


  • Estai - Located on Estai Island in the Cashok Bay.
  • Noran'Riz - Formerly an Arisian colony, now an infamous prison.

Military Settlements[]

  • Adalian Naval Academy - Located near Mira, this is were the navy trains recruits for life at sea.

Religious Settlements[]

Points of Interest[]

  • Gateway to Infernus - The fabled gate way to Infernus is said to be located on the largest island in the sea, located near the tip of the southern Barafet.

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