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The Global Dehydration Theory is a theory proposed by scholar Eriditus Parsons in 1630 concerning the desertification in a number of areas and the receding water line of the Barafet Sea. Parsons concluded that The Wasting which wrecked the Vehra, the receding coast line of the Ginryu Sea, and the decrease in precipitation throughout Etrothos are all somehow connected. The cause of this shortage of water is still unfathomable, however, both in practice and theory.


The Wasting[]

The Wasting stands as one of Parsons main pieces of evidence of Global Dehydration. In a period of less than two years, the Kingdom of Morith had turned from a prosperous oasis into a deserted wasteland. The sudden drought, which claimed more than a hundred thousand lives along with the entire Vehra Wasteland, was unexpected and unavoidable.

The Ginryu Sea[]

The Ginryu Sea serves as a major trade route from Tarcova to other major cities. It supplies about 70% of Tarcova's exports of sea food and other raw materials. Based on historic documents, Tarcova was first built on the shore of the Ginryu. The movement of almost a mile away from the shore signifies the drop in the waterline of the Ginryu Sea. There is currently no other evidence which signifies a major decrease in the water level.


According to recent studies performed by Parsons himself, the total precipitation in major cities such as Hetrea and Rune has decreased by a steady .7% every year for the past 8 years. Parsons method of practice is under speculation to this day and many other scholars have provided conflicting evidence.