Constructed Worlds Wiki
Active Mid 1648 - Present
Type Military Alliance
Size ~24
Garrison/HQ c
Nickname Hell's Army
Engagements Death Bringer's Invasion of Estreoth
Commander Jet Seyre
Co-Founder Atsu, Raven
Kaichaiu Tsugara

The Gunryo is a small, elite faction of warriors led by Jet Seyre formed several months before the Death Bringer’s Invasion of Estreoth. The core members of the group were Jet Seyre, Raven, and Atsu. Additional members include: Rytak Tarek, Kenatim Ryrrja, Malicry, and Yuki Kiasagi. Although there were about a dozen and a half members, these are the most important.

When the Death Bringer’s Legion invaded Estreoth and captured Anktolia, the Gunryo lead the combined army of Rune, Hetrea, and Adal into battle. The combined army managed to push back the legion all the way through the Barafet and too their forward base. The Gunryo alone followed the legion to their home dimension. After a long, difficult struggle, they killed the legions leader Animus Ridnious.