Isle of Parathios
Region Information
Lowest Point: Crathius Gorge
Cities and Towns
Population: Less than 5,000
Largest City: Irmus

The Isle of Parathios is a large island region located between the Ginryu Sea. The island has a very small population and is relatively untouched by human hands.



Parathios' eastern coast is defined by a small mountain range which protects the island from the seasonal harsh winds that come off of the Perithian Ocean. Most of the island is dominated by alternating forests and plains. Several rivers carve up the landscape from the coast up to the mountain range. The area west of the mountains is typically rather flat with the occasional rolling hill.


Due to it's southern location, Parathios is free of snow and is typically green year round. Even in the coldest months, it is rare for the temperature to drop below 60 even at night. This warm environment makes the island a paradise.






Region Places

  • Irmus - The only non-native settlement in Parathios.

Points of Interest

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