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Jurasha Jungle
Jurasha jungle 1
The Jurasha Jungle during midday.
Region Information
Land Area: 177,689 mi² (460,212 km²)
Average Temperature: 82 °F
Low Temperature: 67 °F
High Temperature: 92 °F
Annual Rainfall: 76 in/year
Cities and Towns
Population: ~1,500,000
Pop. Density: 8.4/sq mi (3.2/km²)
Largest City: Jishe
Cities: Davine

The Jurasha Jungle is a dense rain forest located between the Jenam Valley and the Ginryu Sea. Due to its dense and overgrown foliage, many horrific beasts lurk unseen throughout the dark jungle.


Despite the lush, fertile conditions of the jungle, the Jurasha has only a few cities throughout the region. This is due in part to the inherit danger of the wildlife in the jungle. Travel off of the typical paths is typically a bad idea, as most who venture into the jungle typically find themselves overwhelmed by the wild life. Typically travelers stick to using the rivers for transportation, but this isn't always viable for some locations.



The Jurasha Jungle is a warm tropical region, despite it's somewhat northern location. The warm, moist air from the Ginryu Sea brings plentiful rain and a warm temperature. Typically the temperature never drops beneath 67 degrees, even reaching these temperatures are a fairly rare event. Typically the temperate hovers around 82 degrees, although travelers will often say it is much hotter due to the high humidity. It rains more in the Jurasha than any other area in Estreoth, averaging 76 inches per year. It is not uncommon for occasional yearly spikes of 98 inches.


During the reign of the Ancient Kingdom, the Jurasha Jungle was a large swamp, not unlike the Zangrum Marsh is now. Sometime before the fall of the Ancient Kingdom, the Ginryu Sea receded in depth by around twenty feet. In the centuries following the lowered sea level allowed the rich soil of the former-swamp to overgrow into the Jungle it is today.

At some point after the founding of the Kingdom of Jishe, a potent, evil force took up residence in the jungle. While the cause of this corruption has never been found, it's effects are far reaching. This includes the creation of the imps, corruption of peaceful tribes into cannibals, the empowering of hellcats. Many dark sorcerers come from this jungle. Despite the obvious danger looming in the woods, Jishe does nothing to combat it, forcing other kingdoms to grudgingly protect the land.



  • Amazons
  • Cannibals


  • Goatmen
  • Hell Cats
  • Imps


Region Places[]


  • Jishe - Former capital of the Kingdom of Jishe, and the only civilized settlement in the area.


  • Davine


  • Amazon Settlement
  • Cannibal Caves
  • Tribal Village

Military Settlements[]

  • Fort Azmarth

Points of Interest[]

  • Undead Grove

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