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Lina is the only vassal of Atsu who followed him after leaving hell.


Lina was born some three hundred years ago. At some point two hundred years ago she came to live be a servant in Lucifer's palace. She was often harshly treated by others in the palace. Atsu came upon crying and took an interest in her strange, human-like behavior. From then on, Lina was Atsu's loyal vassal.


Unlike most demons, Lina expresses the full range of emotions that humans do, including affection, which she directions primarily at her master, Atsu. Unlike most demon vassals, Lina is absolutely loyal to Atsu and his unwilling to betray him under any circumstances. In addition, Lina lacks the malice and aggression common in most demons. She gets along poorly with most demons


Lina is a somewhat smallish demon girl. She's often mistaken for a succubus by other demons, although she lacks wings or a tail and even the horns. Like her master, she has red, shoulder length hair and red eyes. She lacks curves or typical feminine charm that are common among most nobles' vassals.



Lina is completely devoted to her master, to the point most of the Gunryo assume she is in love with him. Such accusations always make Lina turn red.


Raven, being the person he is, often teases Lina for liking Atsu and for being "flat". Despite this, Raven has on numerous occasions helped Lina

Yuki Kiasagi[]

Lina has become rather close with Yuki during the fight against the Death Bringer's Legion. The two typically can be found together whenever Jet and Atsu aren't around.

Gender: Female
Height: 5’2 (157.48cm/1.57m)
Weight: 102 lbs (46.26 kg)
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation: Gunryo
Occupation: Vassal
Status: Alive, Resides in Estreoth
Born: 300 years ago~