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Reunification Wars
Date 1280 – 1344
Location Stohrym Tundra, Jenam Valley, Vehra Grasslands
Result Hetrean Victory. Hetrea recognized as an independent nation.
Hetreanflag Empire of Hetrea Kingdom of Morith

The Reunification Wars were a series of conflicts that took place between the Zetriotas Order (later the Empire of Hetrea} and the Kingdom of Morith. Dozens of battle took place between 1280 and 1344. At the end of the wars, Morith grudgingly acknowledge Hetrea's legitimacy.

Hetrean Revolt[]

War Origins[]

When the Zetriotas Order was exiled from Morith in 1258, they journeyed north-west, over the Antelus Ridge. Eventually they came upon the ruins of Hetrea and founded a settlement around the lake. For decades the citizens worked to create their settlement in what was considered by Morith to be their territory. When Morith discovered the exiles still living in their territory in 1780, Morith declared war and began an attacking Zetriotas' settlements in the area. For three years, the army of Morith marched towards the Hetrean settlement despite heavy resistance from the Hetreans.

Hetrean Resurrection[]

In 1283, two years into the war, the Zetriotas Order was nearly defeated. Morith was a mere hundred miles from the Hetrean settlement. In a desperate bid, the Zetriotas Order retreated to the frozen lake and into the Hetrean ruins. when Morithian troops began to assault the settlement. Morithian troops marched onto the frozen lake to attack the retreating force. After retreating inside the ruins, the Hetrean's activated the ruins of Hetrea. The ruins rose from the lake, shattering the ice, and plunging the thousands of Morithian troops into the freezing water. Hetrean archers and mages then attacked the survivors on the lake, wiping out many who had not fallen in.

Eight-five percent of the Morithian forces were destroyed, the remaining fifteen percent retreated with the Hetrean army behind them. Revitalized by the captured Moritihan supplies, the forces of Hetrea marched back towards the Antelus Ridge. Unprepared for the counter attack, the Hetreans tore through the Morithian ranks until they captured the Morithian general, Nelark vek Trenius. With no other option, Nelark surrendered. Having drained coffers on the war, Morith grudgingly accepted the peace and ceded the area north of the Antelus Ridge.

Lasting Effects[]

At the time of the wars, Morith was the most powerful kingdom in Estreoth. The defeat at the hands of the exiled rebels shook the leadership in Morith. The other nations quickly took note of the upset. In the eyes of foreign powers, Morith was a glass tiger.