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Barafet Desert
c. 100-200 AM

The port town of Tarcova is a settlement located in the Northern Barafet Desert. Nestled in the mountain pass between the Ginryu and Barafet Desert, Tarcova benefits greatly from various trade caravans traveling through the only land path though the Dyorian mountains..



The exact date of the founding of Tarcova is unknown. However, scholars and prophets have narrowed the date to approximately 100-200 AM. Preserved documents describe early Tarcova as mainly a fishing port maintained only by the few permanent residents. This description somewhat conflicts with the villages geographical position, which lays about a mile off shore of the Barafet Sea. This displacement of Tarcova remains an excruciatingly important fact in the Global Dehydration Theory.


Much like its ancestors, Tarcova's current residents still are truly adept at anything involving the sea. Much of Tarcova's renowned jewelry is derived from the sea which it harvests. (WIP)