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Country United States of America
Founded 1607
Mayor Eli Bayard
City Council Felippa Yaxha
Joseph Neely
Mis Ramira
Population 316

Eternity Valley is a small town nestled in forested foothills, some distance from the interstate. In the normal course of history, when the interstate plowed by Eternity Valley should have been doomed like every other cliché town that the interstate by passed. It wasn't. Eternity Valley is anything but normal.

History of Eternity Valley[]

Eternity Valley is more cosmopolitan than many small towns because they were willing to take in any magical being or person in distress. Over the years this meant English heritage witches during the witch trials, Chinese brought in to build railroads, Irish immigrants moving further into the heart of America. Soldiers usually brought back foreign brides who were magical in nature as well, Spanish, Phillipino, European, Indian, African, Korean, and Vietnamese. All have moved in over the years.

Originally founded for sure in 1607, though some say that family records go back as early as 1589. It still only consists of a few thousand people, and lays several miles from the Interstate, which meant that transient traffic died down over the last several years, and people have been moving out.


Eternity Valley is located in lightly forested foothills. The streets roll up and down, and the trees grow heavy. In the winter it snows quite a bit, and in the spring everything is muddy. A small river runs through part of the town, and there are two natural springs one to the north and one in the center of town.


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Why Eternity Valley Won't Disappear[]

Though Eternity Valley is located only about an hour from the nearest big city; it won't ever join the city's suburbs, because between the edge of Eternity Valley's city limits and the edge of the suburbs is a large section of state park, and the Animal Rights Faction of Eternity Valley works hard to keep Rosewood State Park up and running.

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