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The port town of Eudrine, population 1,700, is a fort town, though it is generally peaceful.

The harbor services much of the southern portion of settled Lorica, with shipping lanes to Serendor, upriver to Edeltine, and east to Rathryn. Transit to the heart of Lorica around the peninsula to the west is also possible because of the sparse refueling villages along the coasts, but transit often occurs along the river through Tandaryl. The harbor is well defended by the fortifications, which stretch even into the water's edge and pretty much surround the harbor with its stone walls, protecting the ships within.

The entire town is surrounded by curtain walls, making Eudrine a bastion of defense against any aggression by Sigil. During the events of the Chronicle, the town came under attack from unrelenting waves of undead, and only the sturdiness of those walls and turrets managed to stave off that siege. Along with the defenses, the town also has a substantial military presence as well as a barracks; it is the main training area for the nation of Tiranwyn. During the siege the civilians were drafted and at any rate willingly learned the basics of self-defense in case the defenses were breached or the professional soldiers were killed. Other civilians, mostly peasants, had come to Eudrine seeking shelter from the undead that had started to prowl the countryside east of the river on which Eudrine is situated.

On top of that, Eudrine is a commercial hub for the local villages.