Euskadi Official Gazette
EAA Logo.png
Agency overview
Formed 1953
Jurisdiction Euskadi
Headquarters Gasteiz, Euskadi
Employees 105
Minister responsible Nora Pérez Larrea, Ministry of Government Administration and Reform
Agency executive Aritz Oñate Urrutia, General Director

The Euskadiko Agintaritzaren Aldizkaria (EAA), Euskara for Official Bulletin of the State, is the official gazette of the Eusko Jaurlaritza (Government of Euskadi). It is published every day except Sunday.

The EAA publishes the laws of the Eusko Legebiltzarra (parliament) and the dispositions of the Eskualdea (counties) and Udalerria (municipalities). Also, judicial rulings, presidential decrees, and decrees of the cabinet are published in it.


Section I: General provisions

  • The organic laws, laws, presidential decrees and actual legislative decree-laws.
  • The international treaties and conventions.
  • The laws of the legislative assemblies of the Euskualdea.
  • Regulations and other general provisions.
  • The normative regulations emanating from the councils of government of the Eskualdea.

Section II: Officers and staff

Composed of two sub-sections:

  • A) Appointments, situations and incidents.
  • B) examinations and competitions.

Section III: Other provisions

Composed of the provisions that must be published with no general or apply to the other sections: grants and subsidies, grants, service letters, collective agreements of a general, curricula, etc..

Section IV: Administration of Justice

Edicts, notices, requisitions and advertisements of the Courts.

Section V: Announcements

Grouped as follows:

  • A) Announcements of public tenders and contracts.
  • B) Other announcements.
  • C) Bulleting.

There is also a separate supplement published in which the judgments, statements and orders of the Constitutional Chamber of the Auzitegi Goren.






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