An Everetti Authority Zone (EAZ) is an area of land under the occupation and authority of the Union of Everett government, more often by the Department of Defense. Most authority zones are placed under EAZ during or following a war as the transition from the former leadership of the region changes to its new leadership. The Everetti military generally enforces security and law based on international laws such as the United Nations Universal Declarations of Human Rights. EAZ's are usually temporary. Some EAZ's have transferred into the Union of Everett and joined as a state or county of a state.

EAZ Process

Authority Zone Agreement Contract

After an applicant or request for EAZ status by a region or following an armed conflict in which a region is occupied by the Union of Everett, an EAZ Agreement Contract is agreed to by the EAZ's leadership. An EAZ must abide by a series of basic rules of law and maintain human rights protections to remain under EAZ protection. EAZ's commonly maintain their own rightful autonomy, especially when the region had voluntarily requesting protected status but are required to follow a list of rules.

  • An EAZ must abide by the basic human rights of freedom of religion, press, speech and protest & assembly.
  • An EAZ must allow and authorize citizens to access to healthcare and education.
  • An EAZ must allow citizens freedom of movement or transit.
  • An EAZ must provide due process in cases of criminal prosecution, including representation in court, access to attorneys upon request, the right to trial by jury in a court of law, protection from excessive force, brutality or violence, the right to remain silent and refuse to incriminate one's self and to require warrants for searches, seizures and arrests.
  • An EAZ shall have no authority to withhold food, supplies, fuels or other necessities from the populous.
  • An EAZ shall have no authority to violate a citizen's right to their home or personal properties and effects.
  • An EAZ where the citizens had rights to keep and bear arms shall have no authority to disarm its populous.
  • An EAZ shall have no authority and any laws current shall be void that violate individual rights on the basis of race, sex, nationality, disability, ethnicity, language, religion, age, socio-economic class, caste, or otherwise regarding segregation, imprisonment, torture, execution, punishment, state sponsored violence or other forms of inhumane abuses of individuals or groups in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

List of Authority Zones

Union of Everett Authority Zones
Region Cause Duration Fate
Nunatsiavut Autonomous Region Newfoundland & Labrador cession to Everett 1 Month Retained autonomous sovereignty.
Republic of Haiti Haitian Civil War 5 Months Annexed as the 36th state.
Qeshm Island, (Iran) Iraqistan War 9 Months Released to Iranian Authority
Larak Island, (Iran) Iraqistan War 9 Months Became MEMCOM Headquarters Strait of Hormuz Authority
Gaza Strip 2009 Hamas Conflict 3 Months Released to Palestinian Authority & Palestinian Republic
Republic of Lebanon Iraqistan War 1 Month Annexed by Israel (forming the Federal State of Israel).
Guantanamo Bay Gained during secession 3 Years Demolished and released to Cuban authority.
North Colorado Secession From United States 5 Months Became Autonomous Incorporated Territory
Wyoming Secession From United States # PENDING
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