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Beliefs BlackDownArrow.png
Sub.png Abominationism
Sub.png Aer Manaism
Sub.png Animism
Sub.png Called Horrorism
Sub.png Contractual Manaism
Sub.png Corporate Manaism
Sub.png Elementitism
Sub.png Excitism
Sub.png Fetishism
Sub.png Horrorism
Sub.png Legislatism
Sub.png Legislative Manaism
Sub.png Magicitism
Sub.png Manaism
Sub.png Manacitism
Sub.png Mind Horrorism
Sub.png Monetary Manaism
Sub.png Natural Manaism
Sub.png Personal Manaism
Sub.png Possessive Manaism
Sub.png Shamanism
Sub.png Spirititism
Sub.png Spiritualism
Sub.png Thaumetic Corruptionism
Sub.png Thaumetic Dualism
Sub.png Violatitism
Sub.png Vitalism
Sub.png Vitalitism
Sub.png Vital Manaism
Sub.png Vivacitism



Beliefs in ideas are the foundation of faiths. Each faith is a bundle of ideas, with a different bundle of ideas in the next region over resulting in a somewhat different faith for that region. New faiths are founded as ideas spread to new places with other bundles of ideas, or when new ideas arise.

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