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Faith and Magic Systems

Faith is at once, a metamagic system, a magic system within it, and a set of rules describing an alternate reality. This guide to Faith may be long, but it is actually the purest magic system. There is only one fundamental rule on which all magic is founded – only one – and all else is derived based on that and on truths about the psyche and the subconscious.

Faith is a system of magic systems. This magic system is not like the others, for it is the foundation from which all other magic systems are based.

Faith is the term for the overarching metamagic system that can support an infinite number of derivative magic systems; thus it can explain all the others, and none of the magic systems - all of them being derivative of the Faith system - can contradict it. Each of the derivative magic systems, however, is alienated from the Faith system, so that on the surface, its practices and practitioners have nothing to do with the faith system. Subscribing to the Faith system is not necessary to use those individual magic systems; however, making sense of them and understanding how they arise requires understanding the Faith system.

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