Fantasia, or the United Federal Republics of Fantasia, is a transcontinental country in North and Eastern Jamavtan and North Amar. Fantasia is considered to be the largest country in the world by area., covering more than one-tenth of the worlds inhabited land area, and the sixth most populous, with around 234.77 million people as of 2019.


The name Fantasia is derived from the Fantasian Plateau, known as Frost Flatlands due to the cool summers and cold winters. The first instances of Fantasia can be traced back in the 11th century when it was derived from the Fashasen Kudoracy.



According to the Fantasian Constitution, the country federation and semi-Presidential republic, wherein the president is head of state and the Chancellor as head of government.


Main article: Fantasian Armed Forces

The Fantasian military is divided into the Land Forces, Navy and Air Force.

Political division

Main article: Subdivision of Fantasia According to the constitution, Fantasia is composed of ninety-seven republics. In 1989, when the constitution was adopted, there were one-hundred and three, but later some gained independence or merged together. Rebuplics are further divided into:

  • Provinces
    • Prefectures
      • Cities
      • Towns
      • Villages
      • Hamlet
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