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Fantasy earth is a world that takes place on earth like Future World

Your Duty[]

Choose a region of the world and create your new nation out of the old. Decide if your nation will be a free nation or a new dictatorship. Will you expand through peace and aid other nations or grow through invasion and power?



  • Your nation must be a new one.
  • No new landmasses (extraterrestrial nations allowed only in the solar system)
  • Try not to waste vast areas.
  • Users can have only one nation (or 1 strong and 2weak)

What is allowed

  • Ghosts, spirits etc.
  • UFOs
  • Legendary creatures (Bigfoot,Nesy etc.)
  • Fantasy creatures
    • elves
    • Dwarves
    • Orcs
    • Trolls
    • Giants
    • Centaurs
    • etc.

What isnt allowed

  • Magic
  • Gods/godesses
  • Vampire or lycanthropes (werewolves etc)


1. You can do whatever you want with blank territories. 2. You may interact with other nations and old world nations, but be realistic about time spans and "play fair". Also, do not try to destroy other players' territories. Do not attempt to eradicate a user nation with weapons of mass destruction. 3. You can control only your own country and blank countries. Do not use those claimed by other players without approval. This defeats the purpose of playing the game. 4. Read and research other user's nations before playing along with them. Learn more about the world you are joining. 5. Keep a sense of reality in game play. A world sponsor of terrorism cannot have perfect relations with a democratic, freedom loving nation. 6. There are two agreements that must be made when player nations go to war. The first agreement is that the nations going to war must agree to enter inter-user combat. This means the two (or more) players must agree to have a war. If one player wants to go to war with another player and that player does not want to go to war, war cannot happen. The second agreement is territory capture. Neither side of the war may take over the other side's land without approval. The players must agree that land can be taken over, destroyed or absorbed otherwise at the end of the war, any land captured during play must be returned to the respective players. a. Do not kill or assassinate users' nation's characters. Blank nations do not count, do what you wish. You may make attempts at killing a character but cannot kill one without the permission of the nation's owner.