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Federal Parties is the name of the parties in the federal parliament of United States of Slavia. A federal party is a big organisation with memberparties from each state. Each state has its own parties. Those parties are members of the federal parties.


Before the first federal election in 2002 the national parties of each state wanted to run for election, but the politicians soon found out that it would make no sense running for election as single parties. Therefore it was decided to make big federal parties, that the state parties could join. This solution was inspired by the European Parliament, where every national party is a member of a european party.

Federal Parties in Parliament[]

Federal Party Seats
Social Democrats of USS 108
The Conservative Union 52
The Liberal Party of USS 45
The Centre Party of USS 29
Christian Democrats of USS 27
Union of Nationalists 25
Party of Minorities in USS 15
Social Liberals of USS 14
Socialists of USS 7
Communist Party of USS 4
The Green Party of USS 4
Total 330