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Federal Senate of Kania
64nd Federal Senate of Kania
Coat of arms or logo
Tamara Whiter (F)
Since 21 December 2010
Majority Leader
Atasha Mayer (F)
Since 21 December 1996
Minority Leader
Yvonne Bernadotte (L)
Since 21 December 2004
Structure of the Federal Senate of Kania.png
Political groups

Length of term
Four years
Last election
21 December 2018
Next election
21 December 2020
Meeting place
Palace of Gideon at night.png
Palace of Gideon
Port Kane, Levi, Kania

The Federal Senate of Kania is the unicameral legislative branch of the government of Kania. The federal senate meets at the Palace of Gideon in Port Kane, the capital of Kania. The entire body consists of fifty individuals elected from the twelve states of Kania, as well as the federal capital district, to represent the interests of the Kanian people in the federal government. All members are chosen through direct elections to a four-year term, renewable so long as the senator is capable of meeting the requirements set by the government. There are four senators from each state, regardless of their population, and two senators from the federal capital district.