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The Federal Government of Ivalice is the central government entity established by the Ivalician Constitution, which shares sovereignty over Ivalice with the governments of the individual Ivalician states and the Ivalician Federal District, which self-governs itself as a state. The federal government has three branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial. The seat of the federal government is in the Ivalician Federal District's City of Koiwai

Legislative branch[]

The National Diet of Ivalice is the legislative branch of the federal government. It is bicameral, comprising the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives consists of 200 members, each of whom represents a congressional district and serves for a two-year term. House seats are allotted among the states by population; in contrast, each state has twenty Senators, regardless of population. There are a total of 80 senators (as there are four states), who serve six-year terms (one third of the Senate stands for election every two years).

Executive branch[]

Judicial branch[]