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Faga da Fenkava
Area 182.3 km²
as of

Fenkava is a city in Helsink and the capital of Kostate Province.


During the early 20th century, Fenkava was the main industrial centre in Helsink. This was mainly due to the Vanto River flowing through. Theoretical possibility to harness potential energy from the water in Fenkava is 17.2 GW: in 1910 2% of it was used, in 1940 15%, in 1970 29% and in 2000 58%. Nowadays 10.3 GW of electrical power is created, worth of 35.2 billion FIM a year at regional market.

In the 60's the Fenkava Island was cleared of industry and turned completely into a commercial and residential area. The same has happened since in most of Fenkavan West Vanto coast. The industrial sector has moved further into Forsala and Bigforsala in north and in smaller amount to south. A new industrial centre is emerging in the municipalities of Vike and Mais Vike in the east.


Fenkava has railroads going to south (Sorna, Espaz, Klote), east (Vike, Karsoulo, Botburs), southwest (Passia, Mais Mellya), west (Perksas, Koreble) and north (Ogele, Bosspak, Malme). Western and southwestern railroads are connected between their respective kilometers 5 and 11 from Fenkava, as well as between kms 23 and 26, creating two circles for commuter traffic.

The rapid transit system, Fenkava Metro, consists of three lines. Line 1 connects Gastaijo suburb with main railway station, Fenkava Island and East Vanto coast in city of Vikema. Line 2 goes almost longitudinally through the Fenkava Island. Line 3 forms an arc from the western coast through Fenkava Island back to west coast.