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The final battle of Ivory was the last Nomian push forwards and also the final and descisive battle of the War of Ivory. It took place in Ivory town, In Northern Copper State.



Nomia decided to take Ivory Town from the west, instead of the North, which would have been expected. Generally different parts of the town were taken and retaken by various battalions. However, On the final few days, Nomia lost countless outposts to the Night-Infernian onslaught.


Nomia ------- Nighta ------- Infernia

Oltarn ------- Sophiria ------- Jacar

Medleb ------- ------- ---------- Swald



Nighta- Approx.500,000 troops - 150,000 reserves

Infernia- Approx. 400,000 troops - 200,000 reserves

Nomia- Approx. 700,000 troops - No reserves

Elite Forces[]

Infernia had the most number of Elite forces, yet many Historians now say that the Nomians lost only because of their lack of troops. Others argue that that the Allied forces troops were better trained and so much manpower was not needed.


Nighta had the most artillery, and constantly bombarded the Nomian Outposts, which some say won the battle for The Nightan and Infernian armies.


The Nomian army had the widest range of arms but were unable to replenish their army due to lack of field surgeons and reserves.


Nomia had the greatest mobilty due to the fact that their whole army was Infantry or Cavalry. They could move much quicker but lacked the driving force of the Artillery.