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The First Age of Pulasia was the period from 0 to 305 AB (after beginning).

The Hundred-Year Peace[]

When the species of Pulasia first gained sapience, there was little warfare.  Instead, the primary problem was communication, which was always hard between different species.  Fortunately, in the region known as Egypt in our world, an African Wild Ass came up with a lingua franca which could be pronounced and understood by all the species.  This language was called Grao.  Due to Grao, trade sprung up all around the known world.  Unfortunately, the end result was that Grao facilitated the beginning of the horrible conflict known as the Great War in 98 AB.

The Great War[]

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The First Age of Intrigues[]

The period from 212 AB to 401 AB is known as the First Age of Intrigues.  During this time, the alliances of the Great War came tumbling down and a new world order, a much more peaceful one, was formed.  Despite this, there were two wars during the First Age of Intrigues: the First Small War and the Second Small War.  The beginning of the First Small War marked the end of the First Age, signifying that the lessons learned in the Great War were somewhat forgotten and that nations were again willing to kill each other over dominance.