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The first ministry of Robert Pearce took office on July 1, 1891, as an interim Georgeland government pending the first national elections in September. Robert Pearce formed this government largely from his Colonial administration. No ministerial changes took place during the life of the ministry. The ministry was not divided into an inner and outer ministry. The ministry lasted until September 9, when the Second Pearce ministry was sworn in.


  • Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs: Rt. Hon. Robert Pearce, MP
  • Attorney General: Hon. Edward Hollows, MP
  • Minister for Finance and Minister for Trade: Hon. Joseph Carstairs, MP
  • Minister for War: Senator Hon. Sir Patrick Cowley
  • Postmaster-General: Senator Hon. William Amesley
  • Minister for Home Affairs: Hon. John Wall, MP
  • Minister for Customs and Excise: Hon. Edward Keegan, MP