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The First Small War was a war on Pulasia from 305 to 324 AB.


     The First Small War was enabled largely to the desire of the Primate Principality to compensate for the fact that they only consisted of one species.  They believed the best way to compensate was to increase their population- not an unreasonable decision, but chimpanzees breed rather slowly.  For this reason the Principality was rather interested in a device the Turtle Tyranny claimed to have created that basically allowed cloning (it was a hoax).  When the Tyranny refused to hand the device over, the Principality declared war, although the two sides were allies in the Great War.  The beginning of the war saw the Tyranny swarm the Principality in an all-in assault.  This made the Principality convinced that the device was real, and as such after the assault failed to inflict significant damage the actions of the Principality were very careful, so as not to cause unnessecary damage to themselves.  The cloning device was undeniably proven fake by a spy mission of Gral Lra in 316 AB.  This caused the Principality in turn to start a massive attack, which ended up being more successful.  By 318 AB the Tyranny was on the defensive. Despite this, a series of strategic sacrifices by the Tyranny slowed the assault of the most frightening Principality army and, in the Battle of Sggoa, Principality reinforcements did not arrive and thus the Tyranny won a stunning victory.  The end result was that the Principality began to doubt the validity of Lra's mission and further slowed their assault.  In 320 AB, the two sides agreed on a ceasefire.

     The ceasefire lasted two years.  When war began again, the Tyranny started winning major victories, and the Principality officially surrendered in 324 AB.