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Five Killings is the name of five murders perpetrated on April 10th, 2008. The five were brutally tortured prior to dying. The cause of their death has not been found yet, but police is pressing physicians to accelerate the autopsy process. It is thought that they were poisoned or killed with a special device. For the way the killings were made, some crime specialists have agreed that it could be a type of "ritual murder" that ancient crime secret societies practiced on their enemies.

There is not enough evidence to link the killings to Gerard A. Wallace but the familiars of the dead people claim that he was the one who "gave the order" to kill them. As organized crime seemed to have disappeared, this has astonished many people on this land.

Dead people[]

  • Victor Martin
  • Jerry Morton
  • Mortimer Woolf
  • Frederick Stacey
  • Peter Stacey

The last two were brothers. The five were on a meeting held on a restaurant called "The Last Meal". None of them had had problems with the law. Two of them were scientists.