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Flag of Derhaland
Flag of Derhaland
Use State, Civil and War flag and ensign.
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 1 March 1971
Design A tricolor of green, white and blue.
Designed by Alzander Crinois
Use Civil flag and ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 26 September 1933
Design A horizontal bicolor of blue and green, with two counterchanged disks equally off-center.
Designed by Peadur Renbi

The Flag of Derhaland is the official flag of Derhaland. The current flag, known as the Trico-Derho, has held its position as the official civil flag of Derhaland since March 1971. A modification of that flag with navy blue stripes is used in times of war or mourning, and also in use for provinces.

The Trico-Derho was originally designed sometime in 1967 by a Derhish vexillographer, Alzander Crinois. It quickly rose to popularity in the country and in 1971 replaced an older flag, the Derhaland-National designed by Peadur Renbi. Alzander designed the flag for the green to mean the lush farmland in the country, the blue to represent the surrounding sea in which Derhaland is dependent on and white to represent peace.

The current flag of Derhaland can be traced to a base on Ireland's flag, but the old flag in use before 1971 was unique as the only flag to have two counterchanged disks.



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