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The Flag of Everett is the official national flag that represents the country. The current flag maintains a United States theme with thirteen red and white stripes, representing the founding states of the United States, something greatly similar to Everetti history, in which Everett formed with fifteen states to form a new union. In the top left corner is a blue area with 40 white stars, each star representing a state. Surrounded by stars is a bald eagle which has several meanings. Primarily the eagle is the national bird, like with the United States. The white swooping bald eagle represents peace through vigilance and strength. The 40 stars surround the eagle, representing the union, the eagle, and the states made up by it, the stars.

First Flag of Everett[]

The original flag of Everett depicted a red and white striped flag with a blue rectangle in the upper left corner with no stars and just a white bald eagle in the center. The flag of Everett was designed by the current President herself, Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer.

Current Flag of Everett[]

The finalized design depicts the standard United States stars and stripes. There are thirteen red and white stripes and blue box in the upper left corner. Inside the blue rectangle is a white bald eagle surrounded by thirty nine white stars, each star representing a state. In 2012, the flag was updated to include a 40th star to represent Alaska's statehood.

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