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Southern Cross Republic
SouthernCross Flag2
Name Estrelada
Use National flag and ensign FIAV 111111
Proportion 2:3
Adopted August 29, 1912
Design A horizontal bicolor of dark blue over white with a gold Crux representation in the canton

The Flag of the Southern Cross Republic (Portuguese: Bandeira do Cruzeiro do Sul) was designed in 1911 to replace the flag used during the Portuguese colonialism by the Republicans. It is divided in two stripes, the upper being dark blue with the Crux constellation on the hoist side and the lower being white.

The colors represent the night sky on the south characterized by the Crux constellation, and the peace land.

Legal frame and specifications[]

The present laws and regulations on the South Crosser flag are:

  • The Constitution of the Southern Cross Republic of 1912, establishing the national flag.
  • Decree 5/1912, establishing the Regulations on flags, banners and emblems.
  • Decree 6/1912, establishing the specifications regarding colors of the flag.


The official colors of the flag adopted are:

Scheme Dark Blue White Golden
Hex triplet 00008B FFFFFF FFD700
sRGB (0,0,139) 255,255,255 (255, 215, 0)
HSV (240°, 100%, 55%) (-°, 0%, 100%) (51°, 100%, 100%)


SCR Flag - Construction Sheet

Construction sheet with the official dimensions of the flag.

Other flags[]

Naval jack[]

SouthernCross NavalJack

Naval jack.

The South Crossic naval jack (jaque) is a square flag (ratio 1:1) bearing the gold Crux on a dark blue field.

Governmental flags[]

The president and vice president are also represented by their own flag. The Presidential Standard is a dark blue rectangle (ratio 2:3) holding the gold Crux on its hoist side. It is usually hoisted at the President's official residence, the Presidential palace. It is also displayed on the presidential car, as small-sized flags. The Vice Presidential Standard is a white rectangle (ratio 2:3) holding the gold Crux on its hoist side.

Previous flags[]

The list below identifies previous flags used in the Southern Cross Republic.

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