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A foreign-born Surean (Surean:朝本国籍取得者, jupon gukkuseki shudyukusha, literally "person who has acquired Surean citizenship") is a Surean person of foreign descent or heritage, who was born outside Surea and later acquired Surean citizenship. This category encompasses persons of both Surean and non-Surean descent. The former subcategory is considered because of intricacies of national and international laws regarding the citizenship of newborn persons.

Legal issues[]

See also: Surean nationality law By Surean laws, adult persons generally cannot hold dual nationality:

  • those who have acquired dual nationality before age 18 must choose a single nationality before reaching age 21.
  • those who have acquired dual nationality after age 18 must choose a single nationality in 3 years.

Many who naturalize as Surean also adopt a Surean name, although this is not required.

No law forbids a foreign-born Surean to be elected as a member of the National Assembly. Theoretically, therefore, a foreign-born Surean can become the Prime Minister of Surea or even, the President of Surea.

Probably because of the difficulty of gaining citizenship and because of cultural difference, foreign-born Surean people account for a very small percentage of the demography in Surea. Many who are born and live in Surea permanently, particularly Japanese, Korean and Chinese, tend to maintain their citizenship. There has been a constant discussion among the government and lawmakers whether to give them some status similar to that of a permanent resident in the United States.

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