State of Forriedor
Flag of Forriedor State seal of Forriedor
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): The Western Frontier
Map of Forriedor
Official language(s) English (de facto)
Spoken language(s) English
Demonym Forriedoran
Capital Londinium
Largest city Londinium
Largest metro area Midlands Crescent
Area  Ranked 1st in Ivalice
 - Total  sq mi
( km2)
 - Width  miles ( km)
 - Length  miles ( km)
 - % water
 - Latitude
 - Longitude
Population  Ranked 3rd in Ivalice
 - Total 9,938,022
 - Density /sq mi  (/km2)
Ranked 3rd in Ivalice
 - Highest point
 - Mean  ft 
 - Lowest point  ft 
Governor Michael Livingston
Lieutenant Governor James Smithfield
Diet Senators
Diet House delegation List
Time zones EST (GMT -5)/AST (GMT -4)

The State of Forriedor is a Ivalician state on the West Coast of Ivalice. It is the Western state of "Ivalice's Four Points". Forriedor is a state covered by vast forests and lakes. Population is centered around the Aerelon River, where the first settlements in the region were founded. The developed regions bordering the river are called the Midlands Crescent, which includes the state's largest cities, Londinium, New Manchester, and Clellinon.

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