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Fort Cardamom (Ðồng Tãoquã) is a fortified military base located in Province VIII of Yarphei. It is built underground, resistant to shelling and almost all types of bombs. Its main function is to serve as a partial military base as well as to guard a strategic valley between former Cambodia and Thailand and the northern entrance to Yarphei. The advanced technology used rivals many forts in the western world.


The fort is located in the Cardamom mountains in Province 8 of Northern Yarphei, in the former Cambodian province Koh Kong. It is propped up on a hill, extending several hundred metres underground. The outworks extend several miles on neraby ridges.


The fort was first built in 1995 as a base for operations in Cambodia during the Yarphese March. At the time it was only a small fort, but it was soon expanded to include much of the nearby area. It was completed in 1996, when it included a moat and large walls. The walls were subsequently torn down due to their indiscreet nature, but the moat was kept. The fort has undergone constant expansion, but most of it has been underground, including tunnels which could be used to invade Thailand if necessary. These proved highly useful in both Thai invasions of Yarphei, helping to contribute to victory. In 2002, an underground hangar and runway were added for air mobility.

During the first Thai-Yarphese War, the fort was unknown to the Thais and thus proved to be an excellent strategic base. The final battle took place at the fort as the Royal Thai Army made a final attempt to capture the fort. During the second Thai-Yarphese War, the fort was a prime target and the first place to be invaded. The Thai Army had further developed its plan to capture the fort and was much more successful. Yarphei, however reclaimed it in a final victory of the Second War.

Having suffered damage during the war, the fort fell into a state of disuse. Recent campaings after the 2010 Yarphese War made the fort usable once again, also servicing large aircraft.