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Fortis Naval Base is a Allied States Navy base just South of New Bay City, Texas. The name found its origin in the ex-President of the Allied States, Henry J. Fortis. This base is home to the Allied States Second Fleet. The base is composed of three large piers, which are used to house carriers (two rarely used, one being a home-dock), and fifteen much smaller piers, which are commonly used for repairs and resupplies. Fortis NB can house three Allied States carrier divisions.


Fortis Naval Base exists to provide fast and early response to any military situation to the east of the Allied States. The base also has a self-sustained military community which can support all the active-duty military, family members, reserve component soldiers, retirees, and civilian employees on a daily basis.

Command Group[]

  • Commanding Officer: Vice Admiral Jeffrey Heedbro
  • Deputy Commander: Rear Admiral (LH) Owen Briana
  • Head of Operations: Captain Gwen Walker
  • Head of Housing: Captain Yusiff Mohammad
  • Head of Maintenance : Captain Terry Rockefeller

Homeport Ships[]

Battle Group 14[]

  • ASO New Texas (Aircraft carrier and flagship of the Second Fleet)
  • ASO Speaker of the House (Battleship)
  • ASO Mount Whitney
  • ASO Santa Anna
  • ASO Little Rock
  • ASO Fort Smith
  • ASO Pueblo County
  • ASO Littleton
  • ASO Brighton
  • ASO Lubbock
  • ASO Irving
  • ASO Larendo
  • ASO Amarillo
  • ASO Ballistarius
  • ASO Tacitus

Battle Group 19[]

  • ASO Texas First (Aircraft carrier)
  • ASO Chief Justice (Battleship)
  • ASO Boundary Peak
  • ASO Lozen
  • ASO Graham County
  • ASO Greenlee County
  • ASO Mesa County
  • ASO Garfield County
  • ASO Oklahoma City
  • ASO Corpus Christi
  • ASO Plano
  • ASO Garland
  • ASO Centurion
  • ASO Aurelian

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