Foscor is a planet that homes Humans, Dragon, Elves, Dwarfs, Shadow entities, and Holy entities. It is covered in Jungles, Plains, Temples, Lakes, and Rivers. It includes gates to pocket dimensions. It will be featured in The Great war of Foscor story on the Fiction wiki.



The world was created by Shadow and Holy entities, led by Lord Death and the Holy Empress. The Holy entities created all life and all natural resources. The Shadow entities created Death. There were several million years of peace.

The Great War

The Great War first had a hint of starting when the Shadow Dragon leader Garuk had been rumored to have been gathering an army. Later Garuk had assaulted the castle of Drakbane, which was the royal family of the Beta kingdom. Garuk had succeeded, but the youngest child; the 11 year-old Morvis Drakbane had escaped with two swords from the royal family vault, his father's(William Drakbane) sword and his brother's(James Drakbane) Crossbow. Over a 20 year span, the only available combatants to fight Garuk were the Shadow entities, the Elves, and the Dwarfs.

More will come as The Great War of Foscor continues


The Holy Empress

The Holy Empress was the leader of the Holy entities and creator of life and natural resources.

Lord Death

Lord Death was, and still is, the leader of the Shadow entities. He created Death, and fought Garuk for 20 years.

Lady Death

Lord Death's wife, She is also Lord Death's royal Assassin.

William Drakbane

Father of James and Morvis Drakbane. He Died from Garuk's claws running him through.

James Drakbane

Older brother of Morvis Drakbane and Son of William Drakbane. He died from being freezed by Garuk and getting smashed with his tail.

Morvis Drakbane

The younger Brother of James Drakbane and Son of William Drakbane.


A shadow Dragon. He dreams of ruling the whole world of Foscor. Most people consider him crazy and insane.


Alpha Kingdom

A Kingdom currently abandoned, used to be home to many Holy and Shadow entities

Beta Kingdom

Used to be controlled by the Drakbane family, now taken over by Garuk.