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The Fourth Ministry of Robert Pearce formed the government of Georgeland from April 2, 1899 until its defeat at the general election of 1903. As in the Third Pearce ministry, Pearce held the title of Attorney General himself. The ministry was succeeded by the First Turner Ministry on 16 August 1903. 

  • Prime Minister and Attorney General: Rt. Hon. Robert Pearce, MP (Sir Robert from 1901).
  • Minister for External Affairs: Senator Hon. Sir Patrick Cowley
  • Minister for Finance and Minister for Trade: Hon. Theodore Barclay-Jones, QC, MP (to March 3, 1902); Hon. John Mendellson (after March 3, 1902)
  • Minister for War: Hon. William Gaines, MP
  • Postmaster-General: Hon. Norman Calloway, MP
  • Minister for Home Affairs: Senator Hon. Hubert Duff
  • Minister for Customs and Exise: Hon. Theodore Rich, MP
  • Minister without Portfolio: Senator Hon. Joseph Margetts