Foxworth is an electoral division of the Georgeland House of Commons. It is located in the Emilypolis neighbourhood of the same name. The seat, like the neighbourhood, is named for explorer John Foxworth. Foxworth became a constituency in 1891 - its first MP was the first Prime Minister of Georgeland, Sir Robert Pearce. The current MP for Foxworth is Conservative Thomas Frankel.

Members of Parliament

  1. Sir Robert Pearce 1891-1903 (Conservative)
  2. Morgan O'Reilley 1903-1912 (Conservative)
  3. Sir James Stranger 1912-1925 (Conservative)
  4. Daniel Leahy 1925-1942 (Conservative)
  5. George Mellish 1942-1950 (Labour)
  6. Raymond Brash 1950-1963 (Conservative)
  7. Peter Fenton-Hughes 1963-1968 (Conservative)
  8. Howell Hobart 1968-1979 (Conservative)
  9. Catherine Hobbes 1979-1997 (Conservative)
  10. Thomas Frankel 1997- (Conservative)
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